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AvantaPure™ Water Softener (we sell this unit in Phoenix, metro only)

Most efficient softener available - keeps a running average of previous water usage from the past 28 days to ensure the quality water when you need it.

Corrosion-proof construction for longer life

Self-adjusting to changing water needs

• Extra conditioned water for guests at the push of a button

Programmable performance for optimal efficiency

• Removes Chlorine and Odor

About the AvantaPure™ softener
For conditioning your household water, the AvantaPure system is unparalleled in its performance and convenience features. The system's patented microprocessor keeps a running average of the previous 28 days' water usage and automatically adjusts the conditioned water reserve higher or lower as required, ensuring you quality water as you need it.

This system is so advanced that it can actually figure out how much of the tank needs regeneration. For instance, if only half of the resin bed has been exhausted and you need a fully regenerated tank for a busy Saturday, the system will only regenerate the necessary 50%, not the entire tank, saving you regenerant and money.

And unlike conventional downflow water conditioners that do not fully regenerate the ion-exchange bed, the AvantaPure system uses countercurrent regeneration, which allows the water leaving the tank to pass through the most highly-conditioned zone in the ion-exchange bed. This ensures maximum efficiency and consistent conditioned water quality.

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