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Classic II Softener and Reverse Osmosis Package

Up to 50% less than Kinetico™
24 Hour continuous soft water
Removes Chlorine and Odor
Very efficient
Engineering Plus Design - The II 6000 series design provides better regeneration, and better flow rates than typical non-electric twin system with a 2-cycle valve design.
Regensoft™ - This utilizes soft water in the regeneration or the unit to eliminate the negative effects of hard water on the systems valve, the most expensive part of the system.
Kinetic metering system - Can be 4x's more effective at sensing low water flow than other twin systems picking up smaller plumbing leaks and other small household water uses.
Aqua Refresher - freshens tank during periods of little use preventing microbiological growth.
Reverse Optimizer - Utilizes the entire media bed compared to standard water softeners that utilize as little as 70% of their media bed, thus costing up to 30% more for salt and water usage.
Easeoff™ Plus Design - Allows you to bypass the system for service or if you want to use your water for alternate uses - like watering the yard. Plus this valve has higher flow and is 100% lead free.

About the Classic II softener Package
You never have to worry about running out of soft water again. Our dual tank design operates so that one tank is in the process of regenerating so it will be ready immediately when the other tank is exhausted.

When compared to Kinetico™ our package is up to 50% less expensive. The Classic I 200 Reverse Osmosis is a 4-stage system which comes with a long reach chrome faucet and a 3 gallon storage tank to ensure you have great-tasting water when you need it right at the convenience at your kitchen sink.

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