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We've been in business since 1984.We've learned a lot in the past years about our
customers needs, the products we sell and the water inherent to Arizona. We'd like
to take the time to say thank you to our patrons for helping us thrive through your
feedback and support. Costless has some of the finest water filtration equipment
you can purchase. Yet, at the same time, we remain price competitive with our
competition. How do we do all this and still stay in business?


Our technician base is large and knowledgeable. Most of our techs have a work history
in a technical or plumbing field. They understand our business and know how to
address problems, should they occur.

Over the last 20 years we've been in thousands of valley homes servicing not only our
equipment but that of our competitors (i.e. Culligan™, Eco™, Kinetico™, Price Club™,
Rainsoft™, Rayne™, Sears™, and Water Resources™.) Our business practices and
reputation preceeds us.

Quality is top priority

Our company started in the service business. We had an opportunity that few companies
or independent testing companies ever get. We saw which systems and components
perform the best in real life, in everyday Arizona water conditions over years and years
of usage. We selected the highest quality components in the entire industry and began
manufacturing what we have found to be the most reliable and cost effective system
in the Arizona market.

Warranties that last!

Standing out from competition isn't easy. But, when you purchase a water conditioning
system like ours, its easy to see why we stand out. Our equipment is backed by the
longest warranties in the market. You won't need to purchase any extended warranties
with our systems.

The Bottom line

With us, you'll get the complete package (including a softener and RO system, installed)
for around $1000 (depending on difficulty of installation and type of system requested).

You'll find that the same package will sell for about $2000 - $4000 in the valley. The choice
is simple with Costless Water Systems. Our mission has always been to sell the best
equipment, at the best prices, with the best warranties ensuring your satisfaction.



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