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Reverse Osmosis, Replacement Filters and Parts, Water Softeners and Conditioners, Whole House Filters, High-Pressure Misting systems and Instant Hot Water are what we know best. At Costless you get professional-quality equipment at consumer pricing! We are your source for low-priced water filtration equipment in Phoenix, Arizona.

With us, you’ll get the complete package (including a water softener and reverse osmosis system, installed) for around $1000 (depending on difficulty of installation and type of system requested). You’ll find that the same package will sell for about $2000 – $4000 in the valley. The choice is simple with Costless Water Systems. Our mission has always been to sell the best equipment, at the best prices, with the best warranties ensuring your satisfaction.

We sell the very efficient AvantaPure water softener. Our systems can meet or beat any national brands in features, warranty, and quality.

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We’ve been in business since 1984.We’ve learned a lot in the past years about our
customers needs, the products we sell and the water inherent to Arizona. Read More….




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